A dream which is not understood
is like a letter which is not opened.
- Talmud

Curious Heart Dreaming is for those passionate dreamers who want to apply the wisdom of their dreams into practical daily life. 

Curious Heart Dreaming offers One on One sessions for individual explorations of dreams and the Dream Circle for exploration in a group setting. In our work together we will explore and cultivate those love letters that Spirit is sending you in your night dreams. 


 Dreaming Artwork by Lisa Drechsler



"Fox and Rabbit, Great Escape"




"Dance in the wind"

About Lisa


"I first realized that I was a curious dreamer at age 6. I woke up from a nap and I had been transported far away to a land I did not recognize. I thought it was the next day so I put on my clothes, went downstairs and asked mom when I was going to kindergarten. Mom got that sweet smile and knew I had gone to a land, not of this world. My dreams have always been vivid and crisp, with symbols that have guided me on my life’s path and taken me deep into my soul".  read more


    One on One - Individual Dreamwork


    In working with individual clients we explore the language and messages of their dreams so we can apply these messages to their daily life.  Doing individual dream work supports clients through life challenges such as: relationship concerns, managing transitions such as job or career changes, and assists with personal growth toward dreams being realized. 

    We look at the dream story itself, the flavor, the sounds, the events, the dream characters and the symbols. Sessions are based on individual needs and goals. 

    At times I will do a dream soul work on behalf of my client. This involves doing dream work related to the client’s goals. I retrieve and create art for you from Spirit. These art works solidify the learnings and assist with any healing that may need to occur. 

    When working with a client the goal is for their dreams to be put into action. It is a deep honor to work with clients in this way. 

    If you wish to schedule a session or want more information, please contact me. 


    Dream Circle

    “Before you can do something that you’ve never done, you have to be able to imagine it is possible.”
    — Jean Shinoda Bolen

    The Dream Circle is a group of committed dreamers who share their dreams and we learn from each other in the group. Dream Circle is about having your dreams witnessed and held by others who are committed to learning and growing. 

    Members of the Dream Circle help each other unlock meaning and insight into dreams that may be complex for us to understand alone. Having others' perspectives helps the dreamer gain new insights from dreams. Dreams, with all their layers, can confound us with their symbols. 

    In this group we use Robert Moss active dreaming techniques to go deeper into the dream language. The Dream Circle is a safe space to share and gain support in enacting your dreams in your daily reality. 

    The Dream Circle lasts six weeks and is held once a week. The cost is $200.00 for six weeks. 

    If you're curious about your dreams and want to deepen your connection with your unconscious and creativity, you might want to join the Dream Circle. For more information or if you want to join the circle contact me. 




    Contact me for more information about what Curious Heart Dreaming offers.  If you have questions about the One on One sessions for individual explorations of dreams or the Dream Circle for exploration in a group setting please let me know.

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