2018 Fall Newsletter

Active Dreaming Leadership



We are in a time of leadership turmoil.  Polarization is at the heart of our nation’s leadership creating a divided nation. Is there any hope for us to survive? I believe leadership and active dreaming is a key moving forward.

A very wise thing to do is ask for guidance from our dreams.

Recently I asked for guidance on this newsletter specifically focused on leadership and active dreaming.  A summary of the dream that came forth is, “I am in a bar, with a drink, a cell phone, and a revolver on a table.  There is a woman who is going to make an announcement with a megaphone.”  

dream symbols framed sept 2018.jpg

What do these symbols have to tell me about leadership and active dreaming?


Spirits remind me of my ancestral linage. My ancestors are on my side cheering me on to make a difference in this life. They are close at hand and all I need to do is acknowledge their presence, be grateful for them, and ask for guidance as a leader.

Could you imagine if our leaders asked for ancestral guidance?

The bar location is a social place. Dreaming is a social activity yet we are not encouraged to share our dreams, whether they be night dreams, day dreams or life dreams. So I am not saying I need to be in a bar to hold a dream circle, yet this is an important symbol.


A cell phone and a megaphone. Cell phones remind me of being open to new information and receptiveness.  This summer I focused on incubating a new dream for my life. In a sense I have been on the cell phone with Spirit and my Soul.  

John F Kennedy said,” Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other.”  Leaders need to listen and be open to feedback. Leaders who don’t listen, will at some point have followers who don’t speak. This reflects our currently political situation.

And what is the best way to be heard as a leader? … Get out the megaphone.


Usually people associate guns with aggression, anger, and hurting someone.

For me, a gun is the start of a race.  The race starts when the gun goes off. Leaders have a keen sense of when to go and take flight.  Guns are a delivery mechanism to hit an intended target. It is time for a new delivery mechanism to meet my goals as a dream teacher.

Will we survive this current turmoil? … Of course, Active dreaming will lead the way. 

Join me as an active dreamer in a community of dreamers.

Dream well, and stay tuned to upcoming classes this fall!

Lisa Drechsler

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