About Lisa

“—My primary focus is to assist the dreamer in understanding their own dream language so that they can access their dream wisdom and put it into action into their own lives.”

What’s in a name? My name is Lisa Drechsler.
My first name, being a variation of Elizabeth, means “God is my oath.” My last name is a variant of Dressler. Drechsler is a standard term for the occupation of wood turner. Being a “turner” relates to my passion as a curious dreamer. 

Early Years: I first realized that I was a curious dreamer at age six. I woke up from a nap and I had been transported far away to a land I did not recognize. I thought it was the next day so I put on my clothes, went downstairs and asked mom when I was going to kindergarten. Mom got that sweet smile and knew I had gone to a land, not of this world. My dreams have always been vivid and crisp, with symbols that have guided me on my life’s path and taken me deep into my soul. 

I have been a lifelong learner from an early age participating in various spiritual paths, personal growth and professional development. I inherited a love of learning from my father who continued his learning by attending cooking school in his early seventies. 

I also inherited a deep passion for artwork and creative integrity. My mother was an artist and goldsmith. I spent a lot of time with her drawing and painting as a child. I studied Fine Art at the University of Arizona in Tucson. The desert has been a part of my soul ever since and the colors are entwined in my art today. 

Dream Experience: My dream work evolved into a spiritual practice for me about 30 years ago. I started drawing my dreams in my mid-twenties and tracking the symbols. As a result of this disciplined practice, my dreams have never failed me if I choose to listen to the dream wisdom. The key is the examination of dreams and intentionally turning those dreams in such way to gain new insights. The goal is to take action on those insights in daily life. 

I completed my master’s work in behavioral science through Bastyr University and the Leadership Institute of Seattle. I applied my curiosity of behavior at the Boeing Company and the University of Washington doing leadership development, human resources and assisting clients in their growth processes. These 25 years of experience of coaching, mentoring, and encouraging clients has laid a solid foundation for one-on-one work with clients.

Lifelong Learning and Growth: I am currently studying with my teacher Char Sundust through the Sundust Oracle Institute. Char is a spiritual advisor, teacher, and mentor who has encouraged me to dive deep into the waters of working with clients and their dreams. I am also studying with Robert Moss, an extraordinary dream teacher and creator of Active Dreaming. It is an honor to study with both of these esteemed teachers and continue my lifelong learning. 

It is a deep honor to work one-on-one with clients. This work is about giving voice and breath to our deepest dreams. On occasion with client permission I do dream journey work. This means I go into the spiritual dream realm, ask for a dream to help my client and bring back artwork, symbols or images that relate to my clients dreams and dream life. 

My Sacred Intention: My primary focus is to assist the dreamer in understanding their own dream language so they can access their dream wisdom and put it into action into their own lives. My greatest desire is to be of service to this world and help others live their dreams. 

So what’s in a name?
My God is my oath and I turn symbols to understand them with deep wonder. I am a dream turner connecting with Spirit and the deepest parts of the soul. Thus, the name, “ Curious Heart Dreaming.”