One on One - Individual Dreamwork


In working with individual clients we explore the language and messages of dreams so we can apply these messages to daily life.  Doing individual dream work supports clients through life challenges such as: relationship concerns, managing transitions such as job or career changes, and assists with personal growth toward dreams being realized. 

We look at the dream story itself, the flavor, the sounds, the events, the dream characters and the symbols. Sessions are based on individual needs and goals. 

At times I will do a dream soul work on behalf of my client. This involves doing dream work related to the client’s goals. I retrieve and create art for you from Spirit. These art works solidify the learnings and assist with any healing that may need to occur. 

When working with a client the goal is for their dreams to be put into action. It is a deep honor to work with clients in this way. 

If you wish to schedule a session or want more information, please contact me.